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About Us

Why Travel & Book with Hillstrek

Hillstrek is a leading local tour and trekking company and has been organizing excellent treks, tours, and adventure expeditions in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India. We are fully Government-authorized and affiliated with the various tourism associations of Nepal. We invite you to join us and discover the Himalayas. Come and experience the gift that the Himalayas reserves for those who put forth the effort.

Nepal is best known as the homeland of the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest. Birth Place of Lord Buddha, beautiful landscapes & panoramic scenery. We have a mission to introduce you to Nepal's northern paradise by providing quality services. Hills trek leads the guests to the secrets of different places that may be cultural or natural. We believe that the local families and people also receive a share of the benefits reaped from the beauty of their land.

We strive to give our best service to you and endeavor to:-

Support you with your trip planning and Enable marvelous and unforgettable memories of a lifetime experience of traveling to Nepal

Astonish you with our excellent customer service and deep knowledge of Nepal

Emphasize your requirements and safety as our first priority

Value-add on your experience and connections to local culture and environment

Nourish your mind, body, and soul in your every walk with us

We believe that there are many reasons we think you should choose our company and below are the top reasons for your consideration:-

Run by tour experts

Hillstrek is owned by local operators who have many years of experience as trekking, climbing, and tourist guides. 

100% Customizable

 We are here to serve you 24 hours a day. Also, you will be impressed by our customer service as your inquiries will be addressed promptly. We don’t like to send you a mass-produced itinerary; we listen to your requests and send you a unique itinerary shaped as per the desires of each traveler. Also, we are happy to provide you with any kind of service at any time for your convenience.

Get the best deals

Our prices are very reasonable because of our low overhead as a young, local company. We are happy to provide you with any kind of service at any time for your convenience.

Experience and Skills

Our company is founded and run by a very professional senior trekking leader, assisted by several key team members who are equally passionate, knowledgeable, and have a pleasant experience in trekking, travel planning, and management. All our guides are well-trained in climbing techniques, first-aid and safety knowledge, local norms, and procedures on emergency handling.

Trekking and peak climbing are activities associated with some elements of risk. Thus, it is imperative to engage a company with deep knowledge and long experience which can ensure your safety and success.

 Quality of Service Certified 

We have set a high benchmark for ourselves to deliver the best quality of service. This is evidenced by our repeated and loyal customers. Besides, we have constantly received many compliments and positive feedback from our clients about our professionalism, outstanding services, and friendliness.

Customers through recommendation

We have definitely been recommended to the new customers by our old clients who are satisfied by our service.

Personalized packages

Hillstrek offers personalized packages. You let us know what you are interested and we will provide you with the best-fit itinerary as per your requirement.

Reasonable prices

Hillstrek provides you with the best service at a very reasonable cost. Along with our price, the service provided is excellent

No hidden cost

There is no hidden cost incurred in any of our packages. The price we quote is what you pay us.


Hillstrek has and will be highly supporting Eco tourism. We ensure that there is minimum impact on the environment as we go along the route.

Repeated Customer

We feel proud to announce that we get repeated customers every year who think traveling around Nepal is safe, hassle-free, and affordable with the Hillstrek Team.

Knowledge and Experience

Working in the industry for more than years now, the Hillstrek Team has gained enough knowledge about the Himalayas, new tour and trekking destinations, and adventure activities around Nepal that allow our Guests to have the best time in Nepal.

Social responsibility

Despite the business values, it has also been involved in contributing to society by providing a wide array of employment opportunities and helping in the education of children of remote villages.