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Chovar Hiking

Duration: 1 Day

Trip Overview

  • Destination:
  • Max Elevation: 1250 meters
  • Best Season: Year Around
  • Total Duration: 1 Day

Pharping is the small forest located approx. 25 km south of Kathmandu valley.  It is a very important pilgrimage site for Tibetan Buddhists. The great lotus born Guru Rinpoche Padhmashambhaba got enlightenment into this forest. The mark of his enlightenment and impression of his hand and head can still be seen here in the cave where he meditated.

Chobhar is a village in Kathmandu District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal and part of the Kirtipur Municipality. 

Jalbinayak Temple

Chobhar is known for the nearby Chobhar Gorge where there are the Chobhar caves. There is also a temple, Jal Binayak Temple and Adinath Lokeshwar, which is sacred to both Buddhists and Hindus. There are beautiful herbs and suburbs along with limestone adding its more beauty to the town.

The Chovar is the 400 hundred feet deep gorge called the “Mahamanjushree Gorge “is the only water outlet of the Katmandu valley. According to one of the Buddhist folklore, Kathmandu valley was once a pristine lake surrounded by hill. Using the Mythical sword Maha Manjushree, cut the small hill of Chovar and drained the water out of the valley, and made this Kathmandu valley suitable for the human settlement.

 Kirtipur is the old fortified town of soldiers and warriors to keep an eye on the invasion from the west of Kathmandu valley. The historical setup of the city still can be observed.


  • Day-1 - Tour Details

    After the breakfast the guide and a vehicle for the tour will meet and greet you. You will drive to the Kritpur city. kirtipur is the old town of the newar community . This city was raised by the rulres of 15th century as a fort to defend the invaders from the west.  kirtipur is also called the town of warriors  which we can see even in the Temple of Baghbhairav , where the weapons of the defeated king are still being hanged.

    Chovar is the small hillock which has a 125 meter deep George, according to one of the Buddhist legend Mahamanjushree drained the water of the kathmadnu valley by cutting this hill and made the settlement.

    The great lotus born Guru Rinpoche Padhmashabhaba came all the way from Uddiyana of Afganistan and practiced the Bajrayana Buddhism and got Enlightment here. The monastries and the meditation centre in and around pharping is one of the highlight of the Pharping tour.

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