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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Nepal

Rock climbing in Nepal is one of the most fun and adventure activities to try in Nepal. Rock climbing in Nepal is one of the most popular adventure sports in which the participants will climb the rocks at the natural formation or the artificial rocks walls. In such adventure activities the participants will be properly tied with the rope for their safety and the destination to the summit will be marked, every participant have to try their best to reach at the summit so as to win the competition. Besides competition, the rock climbing can be done just for fun. The participants can use all their hands and legs and other parts of their bodies while climbing at the rock but the level of the risk will be very high. Thus, proper safety measures and training along with the guidance of the helper should be taken while doing the rock climbing. Rock climbing is one of the demanding games which mean it will require the proper balance of both mind and body. Thus, rock climbers need a sound physical body and fit mental condition. Due to its global popularity, the popularity of the rock climbing among the tourist visiting to Nepal is also increasing day by day. Thus, it can be combined with other several activities like bird watching, game watching, sight watching and other several activities.
There are different places in Nepal where one can go for rock climbing. Some of them are Balaju rock climbing, Hattiban rock climbing site, Thame rock climbing site, Bimal Nagar rock climbing site and other different places.