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About Us

About Us

 There are many mountains, hills and geographical parts in our country which have still not being explored. The cultures, traditions, and lifestyles of the Nepali people have a lot to offer to guests, foreigners, and tourists.

Being part of the same community and working continuously with these elements, we have invested tremendous effort and dedication to developing our trekking and touring leadership skills, over many years. We believe we are now the best emerging professional trek and tour experts.

After working many years, for other different trekking and tour organizations, we then realized that we should form our own team. Our expert team of guides, porters and correspondence staff are here to help you plan and experience a custom tour or trek that matches your interests, budget, and schedule.

We have been specializing in trekking, mountain expedition and various enthralling events in Nepal and other adjacent Himalayan regions of Tibet, Bhutan and India at an affordable and competitive price. Hillstrek aims to provide the best experience for the beginner as well as for advanced trekkers.

For every trip that you plan, we provide you an expert guide who will assist you to know about the cultures and traditions, the surroundings, lifestyles and numerous new things. We support in every way to explore the Lush Green Forests, Amusing Mountains, Pristine Waterfalls, Gorgeous Rivers, Astonishing Flora and Fauna, People and Lifestyle, Culture and Religion.