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Peak climbing


Trip Overview

  • Destination: Nepal

Peak climbing in Nepal

 Nepal is a mountainous country having the eight highest mountains among the ten in the world. There are different 27 climbing trekking peaks with an altitude between 5844 meters named Ganja la Chuli (Naya Kanga) to 6654 meters Mera Peak.  Peaks are those snow-capped mountains whose altitude is between 5500 meters to 6800 meters. As Nepal is the kingdom of the Himalayas, if you have a hobby of climbing then Nepal is the best place to entertain yourself. The northern part of Nepal gives you an opportunity to face the high Himalayas.

For peak climbing, you don’t need to arrange a plan like a major expedition. Peak climbing is easy and more comfortable than an expedition as peaks have an altitude of only 5500 meters to 6500 meters. Peak climbing is a very popular adventure trekking activity as climbers can get the taste of being in the white wilderness. Peak climbing is an adventure activity to the small Himalayas along with trek and then summiting snow peak in Nepal. Everyone has a dream to climb mountains above 8000 meters. For those who want to climb peaks in Nepal, the best starting point for a mountaineering career. In the process of peak climbing, you can explore many things around you. You can explore the alpine zone of Nepal and the lifestyle of Sherpa in the upper region. Also, you get a chance to visit altitude monasteries located in the Himalayan region.

In Nepal, the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) which is authorized by the Government of Nepal provides mountaineering permits to climbers. And Hillstrek provides you, with proper guides and services related to peak climbing. So, if you ever think about adventurous activities for your holiday, think about Nepal.

And if you are willing to climb a peak then obviously join us Hillstrek.

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